Balboa Park

Believe you or not, still sunny in “Sun Diego”, isn’t it awesome? Well, we cannot deny that is getting colder but still warm during the day so we should enjoy!

A great (actually I should say awesome) place to visit is Balboa Park. Located in Downtown, the Park has just an amazing structure that brings together museums – there are fourteen - , restaurants, periodically attractions and also a free tour inside .

First time I went there I was just amazed about the gardens (you can see in my face that I look like a kid there), the variety of museums, wow…I have to confess that at least in my city in Brazil we have nothing like this. On Sundays they usually have an organ concert and sometimes they play movies for free there. Moreover, if you want to do a picnic or just relax, Balboa stills a great place to be!

To check the next attractions check their website and let me know if you like it.